My Quick and Easy Face Pamper Routine !

A very big, happy hello to you all !

Today I’m going to be giving you an insight to my ‘quick and easy pamper routine’. This is for those of you who want to take care of their skin, but have limited time and products to do so.


I am a student, and I’d like to point out, that if I can create a pamper routine for myself, then so can you. It really isn’t hard, we see all the bigger beauty gurus on the internet showing off their latest face mask products, names of brands I’ve never even heard of before and please don’t get me wrong, it’s all very exciting – how I’d love to live such a lavish lifestyle – however, it’s not very practical for the ‘learners’ out there, myself being one.

If you look at my photos, you’ll probably recognise a few, if not, all of the beauty brands shown. All products are available on the high street, and I think most were purchased from Boots! Allow me to talk you through my routine, that is cheap, simple and effective.

Below I’ve listed everything I use and I’ve tried to link to the cheapest retailer.

  1.  First and foremost, it is SO important to work on your face ONLY using clean hands. Obviously, bacteria is unavoidable but applying hand gel, takes 2 seconds and means you don’t have to touch towels that may also have little specs of bacteria still lingering on them. Once you’ve cleaned your hands, you’ll feel so much more relaxed and ready to care for your face.
  2. Next comes the cotton wool buds which is apply drops of Garnier’s micellar cleansing water to. Usually, I will admit to using a face wipe to just initially wipe away the dirt from the day, but it makes sense to go in with a more thorough cleansing of your face which will help keep your skin healthy and fresh and minimise those pesky pimples!.
  3. I am a HUGE lover of the brand Simple and always try and incorporate their products into my everyday skincare routine. It just so happens that I have fallen in love with their deep cleansing face mask that is not only super cheap, but super duperly wonderful. To use it, all you have to do is apply to your skin, leave for 3 minutes then rinse off with warm water (I recently purchased some face cloths from Boots, which have been very handy. I use them only for my face, keep them separate from my flannel, and once you’re done, you can pop them on the radiator and they dry within seconds.)
  4. Recently, I’ve been doing work experience with Sky Arts, and this included some very early mornings and late finishes (7am-8pm!!). As you can imagine, I was having to deal with bloodshot eyes and bags, so this eye balm was a life saver. You can apply it in the morning and before you go to sleep and although it doesn’t completely eliminate those bags, it sure does reduce puffiness.
  5. As I would usually do this pamper routine before heading to sleep, I’ve opted for the night cream by simple. This cream is thicker in consistency and leaves your face feeling evidently hydrated which I love. Alternatively, for a morning pamper routine, I’d highly recommend the Neutrogena visibly clear moisturiser, which smells divine and is oil free.
  6.  For my lips, I simply finish off the day by applying Vaseline to them and as this is a pamper routine, I’ve picked my ‘sugar coated’ limited edition one, which has a super sweet fragrance to it.

So that’s really all there is in terms of my pamper routine – I told you it was quick! I also use Baylis and Harding’s Beauticology range for my marshmallow moisturiser which I’ll apply to the rest of my body so I can go to bed smelling sweet n lovely. I got mine from a christmas gift set so I’m not 100% where you can find this exact fragranced one from. I know that Baylis and Harding have a range of unique smelling fragrances though, so I’m sure you’ll find one that’ll take your fancy. I also love to light candles to set the mood and also drink a warm cup of herbal tea, which will most likely be Redbush tea. It’s caffeine free and is so relaxing.

I hope you enjoyed my post today and that you make sure to treat yourself to a pamper night soon. Much love,

Izz x


Emma – “make art and read books”

Emma - "make art and read books"

£560 –

Feather earrings
£2.90 –

Nars cosmetic
£25 –

Word wall art
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New (AFFORDABLE) Beauty Releases – John Lewis

Hello lovely ones, 

Before I start this blog post – I just want to say;

  1. HAPPY APRIL,  pinch – punch first day of the month – we’re on the home stretch to summer now !
  2. Thank you once again for all sticking with me through this online blogging experience of mine, the more I upload, the more I realise how much I love blogging and I hope I can reach 100 followers by the end of this week, so keep liking, commenting and sharing if possible. 

Recently, I received an e-mail from John Lewis saying how there are a load of new beauty products in store for this season. Naturally, the online shopper I am, I clicked on the link and began browsing immediately…

Now, as a student, I don’t have too much money as it is, so treating myself to products is a rarity, however, I had a plan – this plan always works so if you’re one of those who splashes out without a second thought but really needs to cut down on their spendings, this could be the trick for you…I always, always, ALWAYS, narrow down my search results by clicking on the price range – it comes naturally now and although I was reluctant to do so the first time (“Why can’t I just have a sneak peak at what Yves Saint Laurent has to offer? I can at least look, right?!), over time it has been a massive penny saver, not to mention a time-saver too!

So, I’ve done the tricky part for you, I’ve selected my £0-£15 budget (Tragic, huh?), and here’s my ‘I gotta have that sh*t’ list ! Feel free to browse yourself, as these are the things I can personally justify purchasing but your objectives may vary, here’s the link to the new products, happy shopping!

£0-£15 personal top picks (In otherwise, things I really won’e be able to resist buying!)

Lots of love, 

Izz x 

Buy Heathcote & Ivory Cath Kidston Meadow Posy Hand Cream Trio Online at
I am always struggling with dry hands and I haven’t got any travel-sized cream to throw in my bag when I’m off out – this is ideal! (Plus, I absolutely adore Cath Kidston products) £6



Buy Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream, 15ml Online at
A little luxurious, but at £12.50, this is something I’m willing to pay for. It’s a ‘hydrating face cream (15 ml) which is very handy especially for this season when the sun can such the moisture out of your skin.


Buy Nails Inc Superfood Repair Oil, 14ml Online at
My nails are terrible at the moment. Nails Inc also do a lengthening varnish to help encourage growth, however, my trouble isn’t the length but the strength of my nails and this is why I’m so eager to get my hands on this. It’s £15 that I think will be well spent.
Buy Cath Kidston Box Cosmetic Bag Online at
You guessed it, another Cath Kidston product – but seriously, the first proper make-up bag I owned was a Cath Kidston bag similar to this one, but since all those years ago, my makeup collection has grown considerably so I’m on the hunt for new bags, and this £12 one fits the bill!

My Easter #MOOTD

Hello lovelies!

Happy Easter for last Sunday – I hope you had a delightful time spent with family or friends. For Easter, we had a family lunch in my sister’s cottage in Buckinhampshire. It was absolutely lovely to see all my sister’s and other close family and I struggled to go back to University (we’re in the middle of a production schedule for our first-year drama, so we can’t afford to have a proper holiday!).

Anyway, I was surprisingly proud of my spring themed make-up so I took a bunch of selfies. I hope you appreciate my efforts or at least think I look decent enough! I used a mixture of an old Collection eye-shadow palette (for the pink shimmer on the inner corner of my eye) and my new Maybelline eye-shadow palette for the darker shades.

If you want more details on what I used, feel free to comment below and I’ll happily answer:)

I hope you’re enjoying the light evenings and spring vibes as much as I am,

Have a wonderful end to your week, lots of love,

Izz x


A moment of sunshine ☀

Hello lovelies!

a moment of happiness header

I hope your week is going as well as mine. This is just a little catch up as I feel like I’m happier now than I’ve been in a long time.

The photo above, was taken in Waterloo trains station. It says ‘a moment of sunshine’ and I think it was an advertisement, but regardless of that, it made me smile. and for once, things seem to be going my way. I think it’s important every now and then to reflect on your life and an easy way to this is to make a habit of doing it weekly so I thought I’d make a list of…

Things that are making me happy right now:

  • After hunting for a part-time job in London since arriving in Uni’ September last year – I’ve finally been offered 2 job interviews, and one job is working in one of my favourite clothing stores on Oxford Street – FINGERS CROSSED I GET IT!


  • I’m keeping busy and being productive at University for once. I’ve gathered a little bit of momentum and am exerting my spare time and energy into our massive first year project which is making a 4 part drama series. This is a very exciting but time – consuming project which has had to be jumbled with lots of essays and seminar presentations, so I’ve been incredibly stressed recently. I’m happy that I’m now getting into my stride and enjoying life at Uni more (better late than never ey)


  • I went for an audition at a recording studio in Soho the other week and got accepted. Although I eventually declined the offer to work with the studios (due to money and time management issues *sad face*), it made me realise my potential and cheered me up considerably knowing that people had confidence in me and my singing, tralala


  • I am going home tomorrow to visit my friends, family and my boyfriend over Easter. I get to see my cousin’s new born baby for the first time on Friday, then my boyfriend and his family, followed by travelling to my sister’s country cottage, where we’re having a family gathering on Easter Sunday.


  • The sun is finally making an appearance and temperatures are becoming 2 digit numbers, summer is finally on it’s way!


I hope you’re smiling wherever you are, remember you’re asbolutely worth it and are capable of anything you set your mind to. Let me know what you’re happy  about !

Lots of love, 

Izz x 

Adventure is out there.

Adventure is out there.
Here’s what I imagine myself wearing on a typical day exploring London;
I absolutely love rucksacks at the moment and this gorgeous red shade adds a pop of colour that compliments the splashes of red in the camo’ jacket (which looks stylish but will also keep you warm I imagine!). Vest tops are so versatile, you can wear them casually or dress them up with the right accessories, and finally the cargo trousers will keep your legs covered should the heavens open on you (it tends to rain in spontaneous ouburts over here) but the zip makes the trousers fun.
Keep exploring,
Love Izz x
featured items:

Glamorous grey top

Camoflage jacket
£16 –

BLANKNYC cargo trousers
£66 –

A day in the life of me; snapshots.

A day in the life of me – shown through what I do best; taking photos of anything and everything! Hope you’re all having a fabulous start to the week , Love Izz x


  1. Lazing about in bed, checking e-mails, filling in my diary, eating some fruit
  2. Coffee to kick-start my day, as always
  3. The view from my meeting in Uni’
  4. #OOTD
  5. Seminar set up – 25p fudge and a £1 latte mocha, can’t complain
  6. The view from my seminar room – it’s getting warmer (I think…)
  7. Lunch – my love for Tesco’s ‘Sweet Chilli Chicken’ sushi will never die, Aloe Vera water from Wasbai
  8. The tube station (yes, not all of the stations are underground)
  9. Pretending to be healthy by snacking on banana and apple slices (with the added treat of Nutella – the first jar of it I’ve ever bought for the record!)
  10. Night time – views from the 14th floor.

Pointing out my Pinterest!

Hello everybody, 

My Pinterest printscreen for my Blog

How’s your week been? (I hope you answered with at least an “It’s been alright”). Just a quick one from me,  I’m trying to keep updating my blog a lot more often and to be honest, it’s been a sort of  online-sanctuary for me as I have an awful lot on my mind. As you can guess, from my recent post regarding ‘Toxic Relationships’, not all the things occupying my mind are good, however, I want to be more positive and keep my blog negative free for at least a couple of days…

Today, I thought I’d share my Pinterest account with you all. I’m sure many of you have one so if you’d like me to follow you, simply comment your account name below and I’ll make sure to check it out. I LOVE Pinterest, it’s almost like my love for Tumblr, I can easily spend hours scrolling through people’s ‘boards’ and liking their ‘pins’.

I hope you enjoy having a browse, and make sure you set up an account if you don’t have one already, you won’t regret it – let your creative juices flow!

Anyway, that’s all from me (I almost want to end this post with a ‘you know love me, xo xo, Gossip Girl’, but I’ll resist.)

Lots of love as always,

Izz x